Week Seven Power Rankings (NCAA)


1. Ohio State Buckeyes– After six weeks, their dominance has simply been unmatched. Their offense gets a lot of credit which is rightfully deserving, but how about their defense? They’ve given up a total of 52 points this season. When they have their running game going and the defense is playing well, good things happen. Look at 2014 as a perfect example. There was no way I could keep them from my number one spot.

2. Clemson Tigers– They haven’t looked as sharp this year, but they’re still winning football games. Dabo Swinney continues to tell us that there’s nothing wrong with Trevor Lawrence. I just think he’s rushing his throws and he isn’t making his reads properly which then leads to an interception. At the end of the day, Clemson is still a top three team in the nation. Their main goal is to continue to improve, win football games, win their division, win their conference championship and get back to the playoffs to defend that title and repeat.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide– They’ve continued to shred defenses week in and out with their offense. For as long as he’s there, I’ll keep referring to Tua Tagovailoa as “college football’s Steph Curry” with how he’s able to dominate in three quarters then sit for the entire fourth. The only thing that concerns me is their defense. Losing Dylan Moses has really shown just how important his presence is to that defense. SEC play should be interesting for them because I’m unsure if they’ll “breeze by” teams.

4. LSU Tigers– These aren’t your typical Tigers. This is hands down their best offense in recent memory and they make it look so easy. Joe Burrow just continues to show why he’s one of my top three Heisman candidates. Against Utah State, he threw five touchdown passes. This defense isn’t bad either. We’ll see how good this LSU offense is when they face the tough defense of the Florida Gators tonight in Baton Rouge.

5. Oklahoma Sooners– They still look incredible and unstoppable on offense which shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone. The crazy thing is, Jalen Hurts took it light on Kansas last week if you want to put it that way as he accounted for four touchdowns and under 300 yards of total offense. Finally, we’re seeing some improvement from their defense. It’s Red River day! Oklahoma, Texas, this morning!

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