Week Five Power Rankings (NFL)

1. New England Patriots– They got tested last weekend in Orchard Park and passed with flying covers. The defense finally allowed a touchdown for the first time all year long. They are 4-0 for the first time since 2015. On paper, this isn’t supposed to be a good offense, especially without a key piece like a Gronkowski. They’re averaging 30.5 points per game which is fifth in the league now. The defense continues to set the tone and it’s been fun to watch them. It’s onto a scrimmage with the Washington Redskins today.

2. Kansas City Chiefs– They survived a tough battle from the Detroit Lions last week. You can keep them down, but they’re never out of it and they grinded that one out for the win to start 4-0 for the third straight season. There isn’t a single question about their offense. They’ve shown they can score with anyone you put in that lineup. They haven’t missed a beat with Tyreek Hill. The only thing that’s keeping them from being in the Super Bowl is their defense. You must be able to stop somebody. Tonight, they face the Colts in a playoff rematch from January.

3. New Orleans Saints– Two games without Drew Brees, two wins. I bet you didn’t expect that, huh? Without number nine, you lose a large portion of play-making ability, but you still have some with Alvin Kamara. I was so impressed with how they played last week against the Cowboys because they can really play defense when they want too. This is the type of football they’ll have to play until Drew comes back. Lots of running the ball, Teddy managing the game and the defense will need to continue to rise to the occasion.

4. Chicago Bears– After a disappointing week one loss, they’ve regrouped very nicely with three straight wins. This is still the best defense in the league. I’m not taking anything away from New England and what they’re doing, but this team just does things that wow you. They dominated the line of scrimmage all game and lived in the Vikings backfield in week four. Although Mitchell Tribusky left with an injury, Chase Daniel came in and held the fort down. Today is a big day for Khalil Mack as he prepares to face his former team for the first time since being traded.

5. San Francisco 49ers– They’re one of the three remaining undefeated teams standing. One thing they’ve improved on has been their production on defense. They’re making impact plays that they weren’t a season ago. They’ve also forced seven turnovers which matches their entire total from a season ago. Jimmy has also played well. They’re on the primetime stage Monday night against the Cleveland Browns.

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