The Highest Law

As I said around this time last year, it’s always fun to go back and reflect on the all-time greats, especially when it comes to Canton, Ohio. Ty Law was one of those great players during his era and he was the type of player that left everything all on the field. He was an interception machine. Recently, he was named one of four defensive backs that was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

Ty is one of the greatest defensive backs in NFL history. He was the corner that always kept his eyes on the quarterback and then made his move. He was that one corner who could line up everywhere on the field and once that ball was in the air, please believe Ty was either in the area of the football or he was intercepting it to give his offense the ball back. I think of him as the face of those Patriots defenses under Bill Parcells in the 90s and a savvy veteran when Bill Belichick became the coach in the 2000s. He was always at his best playing off the receiver in a zone scheme. When the receiver would cut in on his route, that’s when Ty would come in and make his play. You always had be aware of where he was at all times. He’s also credited with helping get the dynasty started for the New England Patriots. He was a key piece of their defenses when they won their three titles in four years in the early 2000s.

He finished his career with 53 interceptions. Many cornerbacks have come into the league and stated that they have worn the number 24 because of Ty. This weekend became even more super for the Patriots. They’re already playing in the big game. Now, one of their greatest players in franchise history is going to Canton.