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Saturday Spotlight

The 2018 Heisman Preview

1. Kyler Murray (Oklahoma)- No Baker Mayfield, no problem. This kid knew he had some big shoes to fill and he’s done it along with making a nice name for himself. Kyler Murray was as good as advertised and he helped lead a Sooners team to another Big-12 championship and the fourth seed in the College Football Playoff. He reminds me of a more athletic Russell Wilson on the field with his skillset. He’s always moving, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen his feet touch the ground. He’s quick enough to move away from pressure and I saw him escape so many sacks this year that I lost count. He scans the entire field, looks for his guy and makes the pass or if the opponent is playing man to man across the board, a lane will open, and he uses his feet to advance. People talk about what he can do with his feet, don’t knock his arm strength. This kid can make all the throws and he’s consistent with hitting his receivers in stride. What a year it was for Kyler in Norman and this is probably going to be the only time we see him play football. Appreciate what you saw him do on the field.

2. Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama)- The hero from the national title game in January was named the starter in the Summer and he helped give Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide one of their most explosive offenses ever. Alabama has always had game managers at quarterback, that’s not Tua nor his game. He wants to spin the football and he’s one of the best pure passers in the country. Anytime this guy had a drive going, it really didn’t matter where the ball was lined up because the drives always seemed to end in six. I referred to him as college football’s version of Steph Curry because he could do damage in three quarters and sit in the fourth quarter just like the NBA superstar does on a regular basis. When you think of quarterbacks that stretch the field with their arms, Tua Tagovailoa often comes up in discussions. He took games over often this year and helped the Crimson Tide win each of their games in the regular season by 20 points or more. Dominance at its finest.

3. Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State)- I remember when I first saw him play. He came in for J.T. Barrett in a game last season at the big house against the Michigan Wolverines and I immediately said that Ohio State will be just fine for the 2018 season. Look what happened! He was one of the best in the country and always gave his team a chance to win every week. You don’t see many poised quarterbacks in college football unless your name is Dwayne Haskins. Each time I saw him step back in the pocket, he always looked cool, calm and collected. He has a tremendous chemistry with each of his receiver and whoever was open, he got them the football and good things usually happened. I love this kid’s field vision and how he scouts before he makes a play. He makes each read, then makes his decision with the football. As the season went on, I noticed him use his mobility more and depend on his feet to get him those additional yards. He was never really a mobile guy, but he is when he needs to be. Dwayne ended the season on two high notes: The first was against Michigan in the shoe when he had the game of his collegiate career when he threw for 396 yards and six touchdowns and just last weekend in Indianapolis, he threw five touchdown passes and helped Ohio State win another conference championship.

Prediction: Another Oklahoma quarterback will win this prestigious award. Kyler Murray is my pick to win the 2018 Heisman Trophy. I know that it seemed as if the award was Tua’s to lose at one point and rightfully so because he was playing like a madman for most of the year, but I feel that Kyler is more valuable of a player to his team over Tua and you saw this take place in the SEC title game last Saturday. Tua went down, Jalen Hurts came in and the Tide didn’t miss a beat. You remove Kyler from the Sooners, they’re a train-wreck waiting to happen, and they don’t win football games. Say it with me. The Heisman’s going going, back back, to Norman, Norman!