Week 13 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Los Angeles Rams– Now, they are back on top of the NFC in the playoff picture with December beginning. The Rams won a thrilling game prior to their bye week and are closing in on their second consecutive NFC West division title. Every win for them here on out is huge, especially with the New Orleans Saints owning the head to head tiebreaker against them. Their opponent may have a losing record today, but Detroit is a very tough place to go and get a win. Let’s see how the Rams bounce back after a week off.

2. New Orleans Saints– Thursday was the worst their offense has looked in a very long time. They couldn’t get anything going from not being able to establish the tempo of the game in their favor and drives they normally finish just didn’t happen. This is their first loss since September 9th, the first week of the 2018 season. They will be just fine, and Sean will get the Saints to regroup so they can finish the season on a strong note.

3. New England Patriots– Last week was their most impressive win of the season to me and I say that because everything was clicking for them. They finally had a healthy offense for the first time in a while, the defense played well, and they bounced back after being embarrassed two weeks ago in Nashville. December is here, and this is their time of the month where they really turn things up. I’m expecting another first-round bye for them.

4. Kansas City Chiefs– I’ve learned more about them in their two losses more than I have in their nine wins and that’s when they’re down, they aren’t down for long and they will fight back. They were trailing by 15 points when they played the Patriots and fought back to get themselves back into the game. Just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, the Rams had them down by 14 points and what happens? The Chiefs fight back. This team plays hard and until the final whistle which you must appreciate.

5. Chicago Bears– What a story they have been this year. Matt Nagy has my vote for coach of the year and Tarik Cohen said it perfectly: He’s one of us but with more authority. The Bears got solid play from Chase Daniel and they just needed him to control the clock and not turn the ball over. This is the best defense in the league and they’re having fun while playing which is also a big positive. With a win today against the Giants, the Bears will clinch a winning season for the first time since 2012.