Week Three Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Los Angeles Rams– They’ve looked like the team many expected them to look like and last Sunday against the Cardinals, they just looked flat out scary. Defenses are so focused on Todd Gurley and what he does (which is understandable), but Jared Goff is making tremendous strides as a passer and he’s taking full advantage of one on one matchups on the outside. I can’t forget about the defense either. They pitched a shutout in week two. This will be a tough task for them today against the Los Angeles Chargers in the battle for L.A.

2. Kansas City Chiefs– I don’t hear anybody questioning Andy Reid anymore. What he did is paying off and the Chiefs have the fastest offense in the league. I could honestly watch Mahomes throw the football all day. He makes all the passes and he can fit the ball into tight windows over the tightest of coverages. He’s thrown ten touchdown passes in the first two weeks, the most in the first two games of a season since Peyton Manning’s nine TD passes in 2013. I need to see the defense improve because they gave up 37 points in Pittsburgh last Sunday. It’s time for the Chiefs first home game today against the 49ers.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars– Okay, so you really didn’t think the Jaguars had that game last Sunday on their schedule? A rematch of the AFC Title game with the Patriots coming to their stadium! They handled their business, but most importantly they finished and outplayed New England in week two. We know what the defense will do each and every week, but when the offense can do what they did, I think this is a scarier team but my question is can Blake Bortles do this every week? That’s still to be determined. This is still the best team in the AFC South at the moment.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– So people aren’t realizing that the Buccaneers are 2-0, but look at who they’ve defeated in their first two games. First, it was the Saints in New Orleans and last week, it was the Philadelphia Eagles. One of those teams just happens to be the defending Super Bowl champions and the other was a playoff team. Dirk Koetter isn’t calling the plays anymore which I think is the best thing that could’ve happened for this team. If Fitzmagic continues to play at this level, you have to continue to start, even with Jameis coming back from his suspension.

5. Minnesota Vikings– That was a game they should’ve won last week, but when you don’t capitalize on your field goals, you won’t win. Kirk Cousins made the pass of his life last week and that’s a throw that normally intercepted, but he made it work and fit it right in the breadbasket. They should definitely bounce back today against the Buffalo Bills.