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Intriguing Game- Week Three

Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams

Chargers– Quite a few people have been high on them this year and I can understand why especially after they got hot after starting 0-4 and I can sit here and tell you that if they didn’t lose their first four games and they continued their winning streak, we could possibly be talking about them winning the AFC West last year. They knew they had to bounce back after getting torn apart by Pat Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in their opener and flew across the country and defeated the Buffalo Bills (which isn’t a difficult thing to do these days). After all these years, Philip Rivers still has and he’s shown no signs of slowing down even at the age of 36. For years, they’ve been looking for a running back to follow in the footsteps of the legend, LaDainian Tomlinson and I think, no I know they have him in Melvin Gordon and the crazy thing is, running backs from Wisconsin have always seemed to have struggled when they reach the NFL, but that hasn’t been the case with him. When he touches the football, he has the chance to score each time. Behind the Chiefs who are absolutely crushing their competition right now, this is the biggest threat in the AFC West to the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m still trying to figure out the Denver Broncos and the Raiders, no comment I’ll just continue typing this piece. I’m a fan of this defense, especially the tandem of Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa who make up the best tandem of pass rushers in the league right now. This team is no slouch and they’re a playoff team if they can play at a consistent pace. This will be a tough game for them as they don’t have to travel too far.

Rams: All the talk about their off-season moves and they’re off to a fast 2-0 start. Their offense is picking up where they left off from last season, but this time they have a true number one wide receiver in Brandin Cooks. Their first game against the Raiders, they opened everything up. Establishing Todd Gurley, letting Goff control things offensively and the defense which I’ll admit, I didn’t know how they’d pan out because of the clashing personalities they now have from Suh to Talib and Marcus Peters but as long as Aaron Donald is on the field for them, they’ll be just fine. As a team, the Rams are averaging 398.5 yards of total offense per game with the 5th-highest scoring offense in the league at 33.5 points per game while also allowing the fewest points per game in the league with 6.5 points against per contest. Sean McVay is one of the best offensive play callers in the league right now and he’s proven that to as he begins his second year as the Rams head coach. If everything can pan out and they continue to play at the high level we know they can play at, this is the best team in the NFC and the road to the Super Bowl could potentially travel through them in January which I’m sure they want, then again what team wouldn’t want that? The Rams are aiming for a 3-0 start and will host the Chargers at home in a battle for Los Angeles supremacy.

Chargers Player To WatchBrandon Mebane: The big guy! He’s only 6’1, but he weighs 311 pounds and he’s one of those clogs in the middle of the defense that can make life miserable for guys in the trenches. He can also get to the quarterback. Don’t let those guys in the middle of the defensive line fool you, you’re seeing more guys rush the passer from the interior and I’m all for it.

Rams Player To WatchAqib Talib: He’s no stranger to facing the Chargers and this goes back to his time when he was a member of the Denver Broncos. You don’t think he’s in these meetings giving knowledge on what the Chargers do offensively and how they like to push the football down the field? He’ll be seeing a bit of Keenan Allen in this one on Sunday and I wouldn’t even be surprised if Peters was to be lined up on number 13.

Final Analysis: This should be a fun and that stadium will be packed on Sunday afternoon. Who really run Los Angeles? We will find that out on Sunday. I want to see the Chargers get Mike Williams the ball a bit more. The Rams will load up and try to limit Gordon, but he can still be used someway, even in the passing game as a receiver. The Chargers offensive line will have to come ready to play knowing they’re dealing with the Rams physical front seven and a defense called by Wade Phillips. It’s key for the Rams to keep playing the football that has them in a great position now. Balance offensively and powering yourself to your opponent defensively.

Prediction: Rams 35 Chargers 24