And We’re Back

10. Jalen Ramsey– The Jacksonville Jaguars had one of the best all-around defenses in the league last season. You named it, they did it. They rushed the passer consistently and earned the nickname “Sacksonville”, they had consistent play from their linebackers and their secondary was one of the best in the league and they have one of the best all-around players in the National Football League today. He’s one of five new comers to our annual summer project. Jalen Ramsey checks in as my tenth best player in the NFL, my third ranked defensive player on the list entering the 2018 season and my top ranked corner. He was a special kid coming out of Florida State and what he did there has transferred over into a great start in his NFL career. He’s the type of football player that wants to make his presence known. He’s a physical cornerback that likes to jam the receiver at the line of scrimmage, he can stay with a receiver step for step and yard for yard and he’s also got a strong nose for the football whether he’s making an interception or deflecting the ball away, he’s just always around the ball. He’s no slouch in stopping the run either. He utilizes his speed and can fly to the ball-carrier to make the tackle and even when he’s playing off the receiver and the catch is made, he prevents the receiver from gaining any more yards and he’s able to defend tight ends. He plays with a lot of range and if you watch him closely, he plays almost like a linebacker, but let’s not forget that he’s also played a little bit of safety as well. He’s also a clutch defender, something you don’t see nowadays because when the game is on the line, he can get you an interception, make a big-time tackle or knock the ball down. He’s a young Richard Sherman and he’s a budding superstar in the game. The sky is the limit for this kid and the Jacksonville Jaguars got lucky when they decided to draft him in 2016.