Graham Packer

Jimmy Graham came into the league in 2010 and has put together quite the career so far. He was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the third round of the 2010 draft and caught passes from a future Hall of Famer in Drew Brees. A year or so later, he became the focal point of the Saints offense and became one of the two best tight ends in the NFL. In 2015, he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and many of the experts were saying that he was the piece they needed to help keep Seattle in the driver’s seat of the NFC, but it just didn’t pan out the way it was expected too. The Seahawks decided that they wouldn’t bring him back and he’s now playing on his third team in his NFL career. He’ll be a Green Bay Packer.

When he’s being used correctly and he’s consistently getting the football, he’s as good as any other tight end in the National Football League. He’s the definition of a mismatch. He’s 6’7 and if you try to put any cornerback on him, usually they are too small to try and limit him because he takes full advantage of his height and he has a basketball background which has transferred over nicely to the football field. Each time he goes up to get the ball, its as if he’s going up to get a rebound and crash the glass. You put a linebacker on him, he’s usually too slow and he gets embarrassed and you can attempt to put a safety on him and they’ll have trouble trying to limit him. He’s a freakish athlete with an incredible ability to leap up over anybody and if you just throw the football up in the air, he’ll catch it. As many of his peers say, he’s simply a basketball player on the football field and I couldn’t agree with them anymore. He has a tremendous wingspan and he’s at his absolute best in the red zone and if I had a target like that on my team, he’d be the only guy that I would target because nine times out of ten, he’s going to get the football and you’ll have six points on the scoreboard.

Whenever Aaron Rodgers has had a serviceable tight end to throw it too, he seems to be even better which is saying something because he’s considered to be the best in the league according to many fans. Jimmy Graham is a lucky football player. This will be the third starting quarterback that has won a Super Bowl that he will be playing with.