Russ Vs. Sacksonville

Intriguing Game- Week 14

Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars

Seahawks: Last week was their best win of the season, hands down. They ended the Eagles nine-game winning streak and their defense really impressed me. Ever since the injuries to Sherman and Kam Chancellor, I’ve said that there would be much more pressure on Seattle’s front seven because of how short-handed the Seahawks secondary is and on Sunday night against the Eagles, they really stepped up and dominated their offensive line, they kept Carson Wentz in the pocket for most of the game and they were able to keep a really good offense to just ten points. Let’s also say that they don’t win that game without the efforts of Russell Wilson and this is the best I’ve seen him look in his career. He’s definitely in my top three for the league MVP behind Brady and Wentz. For most of the season, they’ve struggled to run the ball and their ground game really hasn’t been the same ever since the departure of Marshawn Lynch. Mike Davis came in on Sunday and gave the Seahawks some hope at the position along with a jolt and some balance. I’ll never count this team as long as Pete Carroll is on the sidelines and Russell Wilson is under center as the starting quarterback. They’ve passed one test and on Sunday afternoon, they will look to face another when they face a very hungry Jacksonville Jaguars team who’s really had people around the league talking.

Jaguars: Usually, they are playing for pride around this time of the year because they’ve always been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, but here they are and in a tie for first place in the AFC South with the Tennessee Titans. Who in their right mind would’ve thought that the Jaguars would be in the hunt for the playoffs and the potential division title by week 14 of the 2017 NFL season? How have they done this and made such a great transition? It first started with the hire of Tom Coughlin who was the first coach for the Jaguars and now, he’s back as the executive vice president of football operations. Mr. Coughlin has always been a man of structure and organization and you can tell throughout that organization that there’s discipline all around. They also found themselves a franchise running back, something they haven’t had since the days of Maurice Jones-Drew. What I love about this team is their defense (you knew I was getting here eventually, right?). They are so active up front and Calais Campbell was a great free-agent signing and he’s having a career year that could lead to his first ever defensive MVP. You also have to remember the tandem of Bouye and Ramsey who make quarterbacks think twice about throwing in their direction. This is a huge game for the Jags on Sunday.

Seahawks Player To Watch: Jarran Reed– You shut down one of the best running attacks in the NFL last week, you will have to do it again on Sunday facing Leonard Fournette. Jarran is a six-foot-three, 306-pound bully in the middle and has the quickness to shed blockers to make tackles and stop the run.

Jaguars Player To Watch: Yannick Ngakoue– He and Campbell have formed one of the best pass-rushing tandems in the NFL. He’ll be counted on to try and keep Wilson in the pocket which is much easier said than done. I look for this Jaguars front seven as a whole to really attack an up and down offensive line.

Final Analysis: This is one of the better matchups of the week. This is one defense I don’t think any AFC team wants to see come playoff time because of how they’re able to get to the quarterback. After all, they are called “Sacksonville” for a reason. Keeping Russell in the pocket is extremely essential on Sunday afternoon. When he gets moving around, he’s impossible to stop and bring down. What Bortles do we see? He can be up and down at times. If he gives the Seahawks any opportunities to create turnovers, it’ll be a very long day for him.

Prediction: Jaguars 24 Seahawks 17