Bell’s Potential Suitors?

1. New England Patriots– Yes, this is a real possibility that could very much happen. He’d fit in their offensive scheme perfectly. He can run it and give the Patriots more balance from the ground aspect of things, he can catch it out the backfield and if you’re a back in that system out in Foxborough, you must be able to catch the ball on check down situations and he’s one of the best at catching the football out the backfield and having an impact in the passing game and also as a back for the Patriots, you must be able to block and Le’Veon can do that as well. This would just be another weapon for Tom Brady and he’d play with two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks early on in his career. An offense with Brady, Edelman, Cooks, Gronk, Dwayne Allen, Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola and a possibility of Le’Veon Bell? They’d be the projected favorites once again to not only get to the Super Bowl but win the whole thing.

2. Oakland Raiders– Let’s be realistic, Marshawn Lynch is 31 years old and doesn’t have much longer in the league because most backs tend to break down after the age of 29 years old and he’s basically a one-year rental. If he does enter the free agency market, I see the Raiders all in trying to sign him. His presence would take an enormous amount of pressure off Derek Carr in some late-game situations. Le’Veon would also benefit from playing behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and would allow him to truly utilize his stop and go patient running style. If this were to happen, this could be the piece that puts the Raiders over the top in the AFC as a potential Super Bowl contender. He’d make their offense a more scary and potent one with the versatility he displays.

3. New York Giants– For years, the Giants have lacked a big-time presence at the running back position since the days of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw and when they had consistency out the backfield, it resulted in good things, two Super Bowls to be exact. A guy of Le’Veon’s caliber would help Eli Manning immensely and it would prevent him from throwing the football close to 50 times per game then again, you have to do that when you have no type of consistency in the backfield. Ben McAdoo is an offensive minded coach and he’d use Bell in more ways than one, especially as a receiver in space. A potential tandem of Le’Veon Bell and Odell Beckham would be scary for any defense to prepare for because they both can affect the game in more ways than one. The Giants averaged a measly 3.5 yards per game last season so this number can only go up from here.

4. Seattle Seahawks– Let’s look at it this way, Russell Wilson has always been at his best when he’s had a balanced running attack to lean on and carries the ball 20-25 times a game meshing through the line. The Seahawks really need to bolster up their running back situation after a ranking of 25th overall in the 2016 season. For Bell to even consider going to play in Seattle, that offensive line needs to be attended too, especially with his style of running. This potential move would make sense because the Seahawks would be working to shed contracts and get younger and Bell is slowly entering the prime of his career.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Doug Martin hasn’t been able to remain on the field so much in his career. Injuries have really taken a toll on him. Jameis Winston definitely needs more help from his rushing attack that ranked 24th in the league last season. The possible signing of a guy like Le’Veon Bell would bolster the Buccaneers offense and make them a top five offense. They can pass it and we can only imagine what Jameis will do with Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, and O.J. Howard. Le’Veon would control the pace and help limit Winston’s turnovers. They will have the cap space soon to sign a player who’s considered to be an established superstar.