2017 NFL Draft- Offensive Linemen

1. Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin)– At 6’6 and weighing in at 310 pounds, he shows terrific initial quickness when it comes to blocking at the second level. When knocking defenders off the football, he shows great leg drive to move the pile, good power along with good pad level and squares up to move a defender out the play. The hand-eye coordination he displays between his upper and lower body is very impressive and he keeps his feet moving at all times and doesn’t quit on the play. He’s very shifty and he possesses long arms and strength that take over on each play which pretty much ends any chance for the defender to win against him.

2. Garett Bolles (Utah)– For a man his size (6’5, 297 pounds), he shows tremendous athleticism and quickness. He shows good lateral agility and balance, good lateral quickness, he can handle the quickest pass rushers in pass protection and excels in blocking on the move in the running game. How he uses his hands stands out to me as he’s able to latch his hands on accurately and stay low at all times. He shows a mental toughness about himself and always plays until the whistle is blown. His versatility is also another thing to mention as he can play all over the offensive line.

3. Cam Robinson (Alabama)– He has a massive frame, but is surprisingly, yet very quick off the ball, showing good lateral agility and balance to mirror pass rushers. He can fire off the ball in the running game, showing the initial burst to pull and climb to the second level, where he is an intimidating presence that most defenders look to avoid at all costs. His greatest attribute, however, may be his iron grip rather than elite footwork, which could prompt a switch to right tackle or even inside to guard at the next level, like some of his Alabama predecessors.

4. Taylor Moton (Western Michigan)– He’s a broad-shouldered framed guy with a wide base and thick bubble. Long arms and flexible coil to rely on his extension. Powerful upper body and aggressive hands to latch, steer and create movement as a run blocker. Secures down blocks and runs his feet at contact to drive defenders off the screen. The body has some fluidity to bend, reset and stay square. Able to hook defenders on the edge and seal outside lanes. Nice job on combo blocks to knock linemen off balance before advancing to the second level to take away the downhill linebacker. Comfortable on his feet in space. Assignment sound both on and off the field.

5. Roderick Johnson (Florida State)– With long arms and good overall weight distribution, he’s exactly what NFL scouts are looking for. I love his initial quickness once the football is snapped, he slides well with choppy steps and the quickness he shows is very noticeable even when blocking for running backs. Although he’s very athletic, he’s far from being a finesse blocker. When he’s low, he can drive a defender off the ball.