“Purple Daze”

I was just talking about that 2011 NFL Draft yesterday. Many of the big names that we were introduced to in that draft such as Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Von Miller, Julio Jones, J.J. Watt, and Patrick Peterson. He was the fifth overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals back then. He was the first cornerback selected that year. When he was coming out of LSU, he was considered the top player in the draft. Hands down, he was the best cornerback according to many experts. After spending the first decade of his career in Arizona, he has a new home now. Patrick signed with the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent.

Do you know whenever I describe some defensive players and I always say you must circle in on them? Or, you must know where they are at all times? Patrick is one of those guys. Quarterbacks respect him and the presence he has on the field. He’s an impact player. It doesn’t matter who he’s lined up against or who the team is playing, he’s that energy guy that every football team loves having around. Patrick travels with the number one receiving option on the opposition and holds his ground. One thing he does regularly is baits the receiver. Patrick will make you think you’re open, then he closes in quickly to make a play on the ball. I like the way he’s able to cover ground. He keeps his eyes on the quarterback and then accelerates back to the receiver he was defending.

After the Vikings lost Xavier Rhodes, they struggled defensively, especially in the secondary. Adding a guy like Patrick Peterson was the perfect move. Look at the receivers in that division you face twice a year. Davante Adams is one of them and Allen Robinson is the other. Patrick brings that veteran presence to a very young secondary.

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