Houston, We Have A Trade Request

Deshaun Watson signed a contract extension in September just before the 2020 season was set to begin. After that, he ended putting together the best year of his career in Houston. He led the league in passing yards with 4,823. Also, he was tied for 7th with 33 touchdown passes on the season. What makes this so spectacular is he did this with an inconsistent offensive line and limited weapons. Remember, the Texans shockingly traded away DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals in March for an often injured running back in David Johnson. Now, the star quarterback wants out of Houston. He’s officially requested a trade. Let’s look into some possible destinations for number four.

1. San Francisco 49ers– There’s one thing that became abundantly clear this season. The 49ers need to address the quarterback situation. I’ve seen so many injuries and ineffectiveness at the position. I like Jimmy Garoppolo, but I don’t think he’s the answer if you want to bring a Super Bowl title back to the bay. Kyle Shanahan is one of the better offensive minded guys in the league. Just imagine Deshaun in a system where he can work off play-action, run the bootlegs and do everything in a Shanahan coached system. This is a fit made in heaven. The 49ers are back in the title contender conversation if they were to acquire him.

2. New England Patriots– I bet this got your attention. This would be such a New England thing to do. A guy like Deshaun would bring the Patriots back to its winning ways. Things just didn’t work out with Cam Newton. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels would have fun trying to design plays for number four. Let’s also bring the Bill Belichick factor. He’d be learning from the greatest coach ever. The addition of Deshaun would re-enter the Patriots back into the title contender situation. Buffalo is on top of the division and Miami has made some moves to make themselves competitive. New England must do something.

3. Carolina Panthers– Teddy Bridgewater has been a tremendous story. Many thought he would never step on a football field after suffering a serious knee injury back in 2016. However, Teddy isn’t the long-term solution in Charlotte. I like the pieces the Panthers have on offense. Christian McCaffrey, Robby Anderson, D.J Moore and Curtis Samuel are nice pieces. All they’re missing is that quarterback to lead them. This is where you enter Deshaun into the situation. With him under center, the Panthers could be a competitive team in the NFC South.

Honorable Mention: Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, New York Jets & Miami Dolphins. 

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