AFC Game Of The Week

Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints

Chiefs: Are they imposing? Absolutely. With that offense and the way they’re able to get the ball down the field. They’re probably the definition of the word imposing. They’re a nightmare for any defense trying to contain them. Now, here’s the next question. Are they invincible? Not at all. At the moment, the Kansas City Chiefs have the top record in the league at 12-1. They’ve been victorious in eight straight games and for the fifth straight year, they have clinched the AFC West. On the other hand, I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from them. In the game against Denver, they had to grind that out for the win. Last week in Miami, they get hot when scoring all those points but found a way to allow the Dolphins to get back into the game. Put teams away when you can. On Sunday, they’ll travel to the Big Easy.

Saints: Week 14 was the worst they’ve looked since week three this season. That was also their last loss prior to being stunned by the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. So, what went wrong you ask? First, I noticed a defense that had played great look soft. Let’s admit it, defensive coordinator Dennis Allen didn’t have his guys ready to play. They were lazy in their pursuit to the football and they put no pressure on Jalen Hurts. I also saw the Saints jump outside of their box when they trailed. Taysom Hill has looked sharp because Sean has coached him to his strengths. Furthermore, they didn’t run the football and tried allowing Taysom to get them back into the game. It didn’t work. Now, they’re the two seed in the NFC. They will look to bounce back in week 15 at home.

Chiefs X-Factor: Demarcus Robinson– This is just another weapon at Patrick’s disposal. He slides under the radar because of the bigger names he plays with. Patrick can find him underneath or down the field when necessary. This is the “danger” of preparing to play this Chiefs offense as a defense because you limit one guy, it leaves another one open.

Saints X-Factor: Demario Davis– He is the most underrated linebacker in our league. This is the quarterback of the Saints defense. His impact is enormous for them. When you face the Chiefs, you must make sure your defensive pieces are where they need to be. One slip up and they will make you pay for it. That’s what Demario needs to do along with mirroring Mahomes in this one.

Final Thoughts: Could this be a preview of something to come in February? Only time will tell. I need to see the Chiefs get off to a quicker start. Don’t get behind and then depend on a comeback because that won’t always happen. If I’m the Saints, run the football! Alvin Kamara has been your best player this season for a reason, use him! Slow the game down because a shootout won’t work in your favor against this team. Two of the best coaches are also featured in this one in Andy Reid and Sean Payton.

Prediction: Saints 27 Chiefs 24


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