At one point, the Chicago Bears were sitting at 3-0. Two games later, they were at 5-1. That’s supposed to be a reason for any fan to be happy, right? In your first six games, you’ve won five of them. Not necessarily because they weren’t winning games in dominant ways. Let’s fast forward to now. 12 games in, they are now sitting at 5-7 with four games to play after losing in week 13 to the Detroit Lions at home. That’s a six-game losing streak to be exact. Now, here’s the million-dollar question: What exactly has gone wrong?

For most of the season, the offensive struggles are hard to ignore. At the beginning of the year, I was asked if Mitchell Tribusky could display some type of consistency and I said no in my professional opinion because he’s so difficult to make a read upon. Then, he gets benched and Nick Foles is bought in. You’d think he’d make a difference. Not at all. There’s no innovation or creativity within the offense. The defense pretty much knows what’s about to come at any point. In other words, the Bears offense has regressed considerably since Matt Nagy took the head coaching job in 2018.

The defense has been the only shining point of this team in 2020. I feel for them because they’ve done so much to handle their business and get off the field on third down so they can get the ball back for the offense then in return, the offense can’t maintain much of a drive so this puts an enormous amount of pressure on the other side of the football. Also, I’ve noticed the Bears have a defeated mentality. When they’re down, they don’t show any urgency or effort to get themselves back in the game.

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