“Ann Arbor’s Worst Nightmare”

Campus Clash

(4) Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan State Spartans 

Ohio State: The last time I saw them play, they were just surviving a battle at the hands of the Indiana Hoosiers. I also learned more about them after that game. There’s not one flaw within that offense. Justin Fields can be backed up in his territory of the field and in seconds, they’re down the field or they’ve punched it in for six points. We expect that from the Buckeyes offense. It’s the defense for me and honestly, this is what will keep them from bringing another national title to Columbus. The Hoosiers receivers had their way with the Ohio State secondary a few weeks back. The defense overall is still learning how to play with one another. Just last week, they dealt with another cancellation against Illinois because of a COVID outbreak. Knocking on wood, hopefully, they can play on Saturday in East Lansing.

Michigan State: Their record implies it’s been a rough year for them. However, their two wins on the season speak volumes. The first victory was on the road at the Big House against the Michigan Wolverines for the Paul Bunyan trophy which is back in East Lansing. Just over the weekend, they upset a previously unbeaten Northwestern team. In a few years from now, the Michigan State Spartans will be a competitive force once again. Mel Tucker has these guys playing hard and they don’t back down from anyone, no matter who the opponent is. One of my favorite players in college football plays for this team. He goes by the name of Antjuan Simmons who might be the best defensive player in the Big Ten. They could be on the verge of something special if they recruit properly. On Saturday, they welcome the elite group to town.

Ohio State X-Factor: Chris Olave– He’s their best route running receiver. Nobody can fake out a defender quite like Chris. When you think he’s going outside, he cuts back in and has the defensive back beat. Justin just knows how to find him and when to get him the football.

Michigan State X-Factor: Jalen Nailor– By far, he’s their most versatile player. Jalen is the fastest player the Spartans also have. Whether he’s lined up out wide or anywhere, he gets the ball in a wide variety of ways. I’ve seen him take jet sweeps 75 or 80 yards to the house.

Final Thoughts: Hopefully this game happens. I just never know anymore because of the times we’re living in. Rocky Lombardi needs to play his own game. Do NOT try getting into a shootout with Justin Fields and the Buckeyes offense. Also, the Spartans need to attack the Ohio State secondary. Anyone on one chances you get, capitalize! I’m curious to see how Ohio State comes out in this one. It seems like forever since they last played.

Prediction: Ohio State 37 Michigan State 24

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