“Joe Hurt”

What a year it was to be Joe Burrow. First, he puts together the greatest season I’ve seen from a collegiate quarterback. 60 touchdown passes in a single season. Each week, he was carving up defenses with his arm or his legs. He was a vital piece to the LSU Tigers during their championship run then. In April, the Cincinnati Bengals selected him with the number one overall pick. In his first year, he was impressing a lot of people because he’s doesn’t come across as your typical rookie. Yesterday against the Washington Football Team, his rookie campaign unfortunately came to an end. The young quarterback tore his ACL & MCL.

If I needed a word to describe Joe, it’d be relentless. So many young quarterbacks let their small mistakes get to them. That’s not the case with this kid. He’ll make mistakes as any football player would, but the way he erases it and puts his mind to the next play is what has impressed me. Joe wants to throw the football to put his team in the best position to win, even if it’s more than his coaches want him to throw it from an attempts standpoint. He makes throws on the run, he’s tough within the pocket and he can get those additional yards with his feet. Joe plays with the mindset of a five-year veteran. If he feels the play can be made, he’ll do all he can to make it.

I’ve also noticed the Bengals following him meaning he’s become a leader for his team. There’s two types of leaders. You have the vocal guys and you have the guys who just go out there and lead by example and that’s exactly what Joe does. He lets his play do all the talking. It’s tough seeing him go down. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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