“The First”

AFC Game Of The Week

New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

Patriots: Some things never change. No team is better at bouncing back after a loss than the New England Patriots. I saw a dominant performance in the running game with Sony Michel but most importantly, they were physical defensively. The gameplan was simple. Limit the big plays down the field on defense. Situational football is what propelled the Patriots to the win. As expected, I knew they would take away Darren Waller. This is what the Patriots do. Take away the top target on the opposing team’s offense. Cam appears to be finding his rhythm within this offense. Until he takes shots down the field, they will allow him to use the intermediate passing. On Sunday, they’ll face a team they’re all too familiar with.

Chiefs: “They don’t look the same”. “Where’s the explosiveness”? That was some of the chatter after their win against the Chargers in week two. On Monday night in Baltimore, they opened everything up. The offense is scarier now that balance has been implemented. Clyde Edwards-Helaire has been a godsend for them. I was so impressed with the Chiefs in week three. The offense did its usual. Mahomes spread the ball all over the field. What caught my eye was their defense. They beat the Baltimore Ravens at their own game which was establishing the physicality in their favor. Secondly, they were able to mix it up. You saw plays where they would rush five or rush three and drop everyone back. When they play this way, not a team can beat them. They’re back at home for the first time since week one.

Patriots X-FactorSony Michel: I think the Patriots are a scarier offense when they incorporate their running backs. Last week, someone not named Newton was the leading rusher. Sony can help open up the passing game if they continue to feed him the football. He will also take the pressure off the quarterback.

Chiefs X-FactorMecole Hardman: He was meant to be apart of this offense. When Tyreek went down with his injury last year, he stepped up and gave Patrick that threat down the field. He has the speed to get past any cornerback or safety. You already know what the Patriots will do defensively.

Final Thoughts: This will mark the first meeting between Cam Newton and Patrick Mahomes. Also, Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are the two best coaches we have in this league. Word of advice for the Patriots. Do not attempt to blitz Mahomes. The Ravens tried that and it hurt them. The Chiefs need to amp up the pass rush this time on Cam. I’m not allowing him to scramble for any extra yards. New England must do everything to slow the game down.

Prediction: Chiefs 26 Patriots 23

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