“Coast to Coast”

Special Preview- Week Three

Los Angeles Rams at Buffalo Bills

Rams: After two weeks, they’ve impressed me. I know they were one of the biggest question marks coming into the season because of all the big names that are no longer there. So, what’s made them so successful thus far? Sean McVay has gone back to the drawing board and opened his playbook. The Rams are running the football again. When they’re running the ball, it allows Jared Goff to use his play-action which then turns to him pushing the football down the field in the passing game. It’s been an impressive start for them. They handle their business against the Dallas Cowboys in week one and week two, they fly across the country and beat up on the Eagles. The defense is also a physical group from the front end to the back. They’re aiming for another 3-0 start.

Bills: I like watching this group play. Last season, their offense was a basic unit that wanted to stay in their lanes and move the ball down the field. They ran the ball consistently; you saw an occasional check down and Josh Allen can extend plays with his feet. All they were missing was a receiver who could create down the field. That’s why they acquired Stefon Diggs. I always mention Russell Wilson is one of the best deep passers in the league. Josh can fling the ball down the field too and he makes it look effortless. If they continue to play this way, watch for them. The defense had to rely on the offense in Florida in week two. They’re aiming for another 3-0 start.

Rams X-Factor: Michael Brockers– Because Aaron commands so many double teams, Michael can get to where he wants freely. He’s great at rushing the passer and putting just enough pressure on the quarterback. When it comes to stopping the run, he’s no slouch either. Look for him to make his impact on Sunday. He could have himself a day.

Bills X-Factor: Dawson Knox– He brings an old school feel to the tight end position. When he’s in space, he will run someone over. Most importantly, he can create mismatches over the field with his length. I expect Josh to look his way early on.

Final Thoughts: This is one of two undefeated matchups in week three. Also, this will be the first battle between Jared Goff and Josh Allen, two young quarterbacks. There are a few matchups in this game to watch. The Bills offensive line against Aaron Donald is one. That’s always the gameplan when playing the Rams, neutralizing number 99. Another matchup is Jalen Ramsey defending Stefon Diggs. This should be a battle. The Rams need to pressure Allen early on. Make their offense run the ball. This will be the toughest defense the Rams will have faced so far. Buffalo will do everything to limit this Rams rushing attack.

Prediction: Bills 29 Rams 21


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