Jalen Ramsey has made quite the name for himself in a short time. While at Florida State, he became the first true freshman to start for the Seminoles since Deion Sanders in 1985. Jalen was drafted fifth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016. He was the earlies drafted cornerback ever in Jaguars franchise history. 2017 was his breakout here. He helped lead the Jaguars to their first AFC South division title. Last season, he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Today, he’s received his extension. A five-year deal worth $105 Million. $71.2 Million guaranteed. The highest-paid cornerback in NFL history.

Other than Stephon Gilmore, this is the one cornerback I’d want on my defense. There aren’t many corners like Jalen. He’s a taller defensive back standing at 6’1 with the speed of a slot receiver. Besides covering receivers, he does the little things consistently which sets him apart. One thing he doesn’t receive enough credit for is his ball-hawking abilities. Wherever the ball maybe, he’s traveling in that area to make a play. He sits back in coverage then reacts quickly. Jalen is a physical corner. Once the receiver catches the ball, here he comes to lay a hit down. He has a mouth on him. This guy has no problem with letting you know about a play he just made. He talks but can back it up.

The one thing I’ve noticed about him is the confidence he plays with. Even if a receiver makes a play on him, he erases it and gets back to business and tries to make a stop. Jalen’s one of those corners that wants to impact the game in more ways than one. He’s done just that. The Rams locked up their lockdown corner. Well done.

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