“Buc Em All”

Leonard Fournette had very high expectations coming into college. While at LSU, he made some comparisons to fellow running back Adrian Peterson. In his freshman year, he rushed for 1,034 yards and scored ten touchdowns. His second year, he rushed for 1,953 yards and finished with 22 touchdowns. 2016 was a down year for him due to an ankle injury. He entered the NFL draft and was selected fourth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. After four seasons with the Jags, the team released him on Monday. Now, he’s still staying in Florida. He’s been picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When he’s able to remain healthy, he can be a force. I’ve seen him wave safeties on to come in his direction. Leonard is a power running back that won’t shy away from contact. He doesn’t want to run around you. This isn’t the type of back to cut on a dime then go the other way to fool the defender. This guy wants to run through you by all means. Leonard has great speed to break away into the open field. Don’t let that fool you because he’s more of a bruiser than he is a sprinter. Guys like Leonard are so difficult to defend because you can hit him and he’ll still keep going. However, he’s quick enough to escape out of a tackle when necessary. He’s physical mixed with a tad bit of finesse.

The minute I saw he was released, I had a feeling Tampa would be all in on him. Now, he joins an offense with a lot of talent. Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski and how could I forget the quarterback, that guy named Tom. The NFC South continues to add to the division. He signed a one-year deal with the team.

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