“Cheeseburger Andy”

Andy Reid has been around the league for many years now. He started his career in coaching as an offensive assistant under Mike Holmgren for the Green Bay Packers. Andy was with Green Bay from 1992 to 1998. The following year in 1999, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to hire Andy as their next head coach. A position he held for 14 seasons. In 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs hired him as they next head coach. Tonight, he’s getting a contract extension. The Chiefs signed him to a six-year deal to keep him in Kansas City for the foreseeable future.

I always thought he received too much criticism at one point. He’s always been the type of coach to get his teams in the best positions to make a run. Andy is one of the three best head coaches in the game as we speak. I also label him as one of the best offensive minded guys in the game. He was the brains behind some solid Eagles offenses and the Chiefs these last two years speak for themselves. Even with Alex Smith as his quarterback, the Chiefs were able to always push the football down the field offensively. Andy always has that calm demeanor on the sideline. He’s never riled up. Every game, he’s the same guy on the sidelines. I’ve never heard a current or former player say anything negatively about Coach. His players love playing for him and they appreciate what he brings to the locker room.

Since becoming the Chiefs head coach, he’s made the playoffs in all but one season. The Chiefs have won the AFC West every year since 2016. The last two seasons, they’ve clinched home-field advantage in the AFC. This past season, Andy finally won that elusive championship ring he coveted in Super Bowl 54 against the San Francisco 49ers.

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