“Everybody Loves Chris”

4Christian McCaffrey– Six down! Four left!  A few weeks ago during my preview for this project, I said many guys were making their debuts. There’s six which is the most ever. When he was playing for Stanford, he was making noise. Some didn’t see him play because he was on the West Coast which I think is the worst excuse to make. Christian McCaffrey makes his debut. He checks in as my fourth-best player on my list and the top-ranked running back entering the 2020 season.

So many teams are looking for a guy of Christian’s caliber. I’m talking about a guy that can run the ball in between the tackles to get those yards but also be a threat outside the tackles in the passing game. He’s shown that in college but most importantly, he’s transferred that to the next level in the NFL. This kid is a workhorse. People will look at him and say “he’s too small”, he can’t do this or how he’s touching the ball this many times? He’s a warrior. In today’s NFL, you don’t see many every-down running backs. The number one guy will get his touches then teams will switch to the third-down back. He has such a tremendous motor.

He’s definitely the best running back in the league. Name another back in the game right now that can run it, catch it out the backfield and also block as effectively as he can? Christian is a swiss army knife that can do it all. The Panthers have also used him in situations where he throws the ball. He’s a versatile player that means so much to his offense.


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