A week from today, my annual project will begin. For the tenth year, I will be presenting to you my “Best In The Business” project. This is where I reveal my ten best players in the National Football League entering the year. The list is based off how the ten did in the previous season. In case you missed it, this was last year’s list.

1. Aaron Donald

2. Patrick Mahomes

3. Khalil Mack 

4. Todd Gurley

5. DeAndre Hopkins

6. Tom Brady

7. Antonio Brown (who knew)

8. Aaron Rodgers 

9. Drew Brees 

10. Von Miller

This year, a record high seven new faces will be making their debuts on the list for this edition. One player will be making his return. Here are the names who will be featured for my project. I enjoy interacting with you. Send me the order that you think the players will be revealed

Russell Wilson

Stephon Gilmore

Deandre Hopkins

Michael Thomas 

Travis Kelce 

Christian McCaffrey 

Patrick Mahomes

Drew Brees 

Derrick Henry

Lamar Jackson

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