Cruise Continued: 2020 AFC East Preview


2019 Outlook: Another year where they were the favorites to win the AFC East. At this point, I think everyone knows it’s their division. They started quickly winning their first eight games with a consistent effort on special teams and a punishing defense. It was the offense that struggled to keep it together in Foxborough. The Patriots were 12-4 last season. For the first time since 2009, they didn’t clinch the bye round in the playoffs. Their season came to an end in the Wild Card round against the Tennessee Titans.

Off-Season Moves: Tom Brady left, Kyle Van Noy signed with Miami, Jamie Collins signed with Detroit, Danny Shelton signed with Detroit, traded Duron Harmon to Detroit. Signed free agent Cam Newton.

2020 Outlook: Only the Patriots would lose an MVP winning quarterback and replace him with an MVP winning quarterback. The Patriots will win this division once again. You’ll see a different looking offense now with Cam under center. They will use him to his strengths and go from there. Now, they have a quarterback who will be willing to run the football. The defense may not be as strong as last year, but Stephon Gilmore will still anchor that secondary.

2020 Predictions

1. Patriots (11-5)

2. Bills (10-6)

3. Dolphins (6-10)

4. Jets (5-11)



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