“All Money In”

Christian McCaffrey was a Heisman candidate while at Stanford. Many didn’t know about him because he played on the West Coast. That’s the worst excuse I think anyone could use when talking any sports. When he decided to declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft in 2017, there were doubts as usual. “He’s too small”. “He lacks size to be an every down back”. “He doesn’t have power”. The Carolina Panthers took a chance by drafting him with the eighth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Today, the Panthers have extended the man known as “Run CMC” to a four-year extension worth $64 Million.

The running back position has been discussed heavily over the last two years. At the moment, Christian is the best all-around running back in the NFL. So many teams are looking for that athletic guy to play in the backfield that can affect the game in more ways than one. That’s exactly what Christian does. He runs it in between the tackles and bounces outside the tackles both as a runner and in the passing game. If I had to compare him to someone, it’d be Jamaal Charles. This kid is an absolute warrior. Each time the ball is in his hands, something big is going to happen. He’s shown he’s more than capable of being an every down back. There aren’t many backs today who play each down. Christian plays with a tremendous motor that continuosly keeps his foot on the gas. He hurts defenses in more way than one.

With Luke Kuechly retired and the team moving on from Cam Newton, this is now the face of the Panthers franchise. I’m glad this deal got done. He will become the highest paid running back in league history with this extension. Well deserved.

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