The New South

1. Tom Brady: This is still weird to write. For the first time in his NFL career, the greatest quarterback in NFL history will be wearing the uniform of another team. Tom terrific decided to choose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he became a free agent. You just can’t think of another uniform affiliated with number 12. I like the situation he’s entering. Compared to last year, he’ll have two wide receivers who each recorded 1,000 yards receiving. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans will be catching passes from a legendary quarterback. As I said last week, this move means we will see Tom and the Buccaneers face Drew Brees’ New Orleans Saints two times a year. Those legendary quarterback battles are the best.

2. Todd Gurley: I wasn’t shocked one bit that the Los Angeles Rams decided to release the star running back. 2017 was the best season of Todd’s career. Now, here he is trying to prove himself that he can still be a contributing factor once again on a team. The Atlanta Falcons signed him to a one-year deal. A much different offer compared to the max money he got just two years ago. If healthy, Todd Gurley is still one of the best running backs in the league. With this signing, this is the third guy on the Falcons offense that has been selected in the top ten. Matt Ryan was the third pick in 2008, Julio Jones was selected sixth overall by the Falcons and Todd Gurley was the tenth overall pick by the Rams in 2015.

3. Emmanuel Sanders: After their shocking loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs, one thing became clear. That was the Saints adding another wide receiver to their offense. The first reason is to take pressure off of Michael Thomas. He’s the best wide receiver in the game which means he’ll command double or triple teams. Two, another weapon on the other side field helps Drew Brees. This is where Emmanuel will come in handy. He’s a receiver that can get down the field to take the top off the zone coverage. Brees, Kamara, Sanders and Thomas? Good luck defenses.

4. Teddy Bridgewater: After a successful five-game stint with New Orleans last year, Teddy Bridgewater is moving on. The Carolina Panthers will move on from Cam Newton. They’ve signed Teddy to be their starting quarterback. This isn’t a guy who’ll throw the football 45 times a game. That just isn’t him. He stays within his box and plays only the way he knows he can. The thing about new head coaches is they want their own guy. Matt Rhule has him now. Also, Joe Brady was hired on as the Panthers offensive coordinator.

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