“Revenge Of The Badger”

It’s been a myth about running backs from the University of Wisconsin. They don’t pan out in the NFL. Why bother? I think things have panned out pretty nicely for Wisconsin alum James White. Also when healthy, Melvin Gordon is fun to watch. He felt he deserved a new contract and held out after seeing what Le’Veon Bell did the year before. He would continue his holdout into the regular season then would report to the team on September 26th, 2019. When the Chargers decided to resign Austin Ekeler, that showed me Melvin would then be released. He’s a member of the Denver Broncos.

When you watch him run, he brings that old school approach with him to the field. The crazy thing is he’s not all that big. Melvin is 6’1 and 207 pounds which would make you think he’d be more of a finesse back. Not at all. This is the type of running back that can initiate contact or take it to power himself up the field. Melvin can take hits but still manages to stay on his feet for more yards. He’s hard-nosed and smash mouth. However, he’s also very shifty in his style of play. Melvin enjoys making a defender miss by spinning. He won’t be denied meaning he won’t go down easily if you try to tackle him. He has a little Marshawn Lynch in his game.

This is typical of players when they’ve been released. Sign with a division rival so you can see your former team twice per season. This isn’t a bad move by the Denver Broncos. It’s another running back that impacts the offense in the ground game or as another receiver. The potential tandem of Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay could be a lethal one if they mesh quickly.

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