“I’m The 2-3 Out Here”

Darius Slay has had to work hard to get to this level. He attended Itawamba Community College in Mississippi before transferring to Mississippi State in which he would play for then-head coach Dan Mullen. In his two seasons as a Bulldog, he recorded 64 touchdowns along with six interceptions and two touchdowns. In 2013, the Detroit Lions selected Slay in the second round with the 36th overall pick in the draft. After seven seasons in Detroit, he’s been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for a third-round and fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Since coming into the league, he’s established himself as one of the best all-around cornerbacks in the league. Darius has earned respect from many of his peers around the league. When you watch him play, notice how he always finds himself around the football. Then, he’s able to finish the play. Darius has lined up against some of the best wide receivers in this business. He’s a pure one on one cover corner with patience along with some of the better footwork I’ve seen from a cornerback. When it comes to ball skills, he’s one of the best. The best word to describe Darius is playmaker. I’ve seen him come out of nowhere to make an interception. Man coverage or zone coverage, it doesn’t matter what he’s playing in. He covers his ground at all times.

This is also a confident football player. He makes sure you feel his presence on the field. This is a great move by the Eagles. Their secondary struggled significantly last year. Now, they get a true number one corner that can shut down an entire side of the football field. He’s earned the nickname “Big Play Slay” for a reason and rightfully so.

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