“It’s About Ram Time”

The “Greatest Show on Turf” is by far one of the greatest offenses ever to step on a football field. They were a nightmare for a defense to prepare for because they had so many weapons. All was anchored by Kurt Warner. Then head coach Dick Vermeil stated they would rally around him and play good football. They did just that. Marshall Faulk was the running back who was one of the best in the league. Those Rams teams also had a pair of dynamic wide receivers. Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. For years, my Hall of Fame Wishlist has consisted of two guys to get in. Former head coach Jimmy Johnson and former wide receiver, Isaac Bruce. My wishes have each been granted! Isaac is finally going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame joining his former teammates, Kurt Warner, and Marshall Faulk.

Isaac was always the one piece on those Rams offenses you always had to zoom in on. He’s one of the smoothest route runners I’ve ever seen. Isaac always knew how to find ways to get open. If you ever watched him, his feet were always moving. He became Kurt Warner’s go-to guy for a reason. Anytime the chains had to be converted,  he was your guy. I always noticed a toughness about him. I was always in awe of how he could fake a defender, catch the ball then turn up the field. Isaac never ran his mouth. There wasn’t a route this man couldn’t run. He went intermediate, down the field and he could even line up in the slot.

He’s the most prolific wide receiver in Rams’ history. I think you all have my rule etched into your memories now. You better have game if you have two first names. This man did. He’s fifth all-time on the receiving list with 15,208 yards. As a member of the Rams, he recorded 1,000 yard receiving seasons a total of eight times in his career. Isaac Bruce also won a Super Bowl capping off a magical season for the Rams in 1999. He’s finally in!

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