“I’m Back”

You can’t discuss the glory days of the Seattle Seahawks without mentioning Marshawn Lynch. In the two seasons when the Seahawks won back to back NFC championships, he was an intricate part of their success. The Seahawks were built to play physical defense, have Russell Wilson just control things as the quarterback, then hand the football off. When Marshawn decided to call it a career before briefly returning to Oakland to play for season, it was a running back by committee even going on in Seattle. They had so many names in and out the line up until they could find a few consistent names. Chris Carson and C.J. Prosise have been those reliable options for this offense. Unfortunately, their seasons have both come to an end because of injuries. Today, a report was released that the Seahawks would be open to reuniting with Marshawn. After taking the physical, he’s back in Seattle!

During his first stint in Seattle, he was a top three running back in the NFL. According to his peers around the league, he was hands down the toughest running back to bring down in the league. As a former defensive player, myself, I could understand why many would say that because of his running style. Being a defender knowing Marshawn is in the opposing backfield, you must get your mind right. He’s a strong runner with the agility to remain on his feet even when you think you have him down. He’s always been known for dragging would-be tacklers with him while he continues to pile up yards. I was one to never let his power running style fool me. He’s much quicker than people give him credit for. There are so many elements to his game. You never know which way he was going to go. Marshawn had a unique running style. He played with a great base, he was wide with his feet, he always ran leveled and he just wasn’t a power back or a speed back, it’s safe to say he had all the attributes of a power and speed guy incorporated into one. His style of running has given him the nickname “Beastmode”. He’s earned it by far. I think of his magical run against the Saints back in the 2010 playoffs when he basically took the entire Saints defense with him into the end zone. I also remember another big run against the Arizona Cardinals when he ran through and around every defender of their defense for the touchdown.

This move makes a lot of sense. He knows the ins and outs of the Seahawks offensive scheme. The Seahawks offense is also at their best when they’re able to run the football. Balance is still key in the game today. This signing for the Seahawks makes the game even more interesting now on Sunday night for the NFC West division title and potentially the top seed in the NFC depending on how all pans out.

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