Motown Vs. MVP

Intriguing Game- Week Four

Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions

Chiefs: For the third straight season, they’re 3-0. Early on, I’ve been liking what I’m seeing from them. The offense just continues to show why they’re the best in the league and it truly doesn’t matter who’s on the field. If you’re open, you’re getting the ball to have the chance to make a play with it. Everyone kept saying they needed to see more from Patrick Mahomes in his second year. He looks just fine to me; I wonder what those who claimed they needed to see more are saying right now. He could very well be on his way to another league MVP award with the start he’s off too. He’s leading the league in passing yards with 1,195 and through three games, he’s thrown ten touchdown passes. For the third straight season, the Chiefs are 3-0 and they look scary good right now. They followed a similar game script against the Baltimore Ravens in week three as they did in their first two games which was start fast, take a big lead early and hold on. I already know what to expect of their offense. They will push the ball down the field, mix it up with runs and passes along with the play-action and bam, there they are either gaining a large chunk of yards or they’re scoring six. As a defense, it’s tough to try and blitz the quarterback because if he sees it, he’ll automatically know that the secondary is in man to man coverage on the outside in one on one opportunities which he will capitalize upon and he did just what I described on Sunday against Baltimore. Speaking of defense, the Chiefs are improving on that side of the ball. I’m seeing more efforts all around and they did a pretty good job of keeping Lamar Jackson in the pocket. The Chiefs look to remain in the win column with a showdown in Detroit on Sunday.

Lions: They always seem to do this and that’s win games they have absolutely no business being in. The Chargers game is a perfect example because they gave Rivers and company all they could handle and held them to ten points. That’s a good Chargers offense they kept in check. Last week though really impressed me against the Philadelphia Eagles. To be honest, I didn’t think they had a shot to win that game and thought the Eagles would bounce back. Just as they did in week two, they gave Philly all they could handle, and they left the linc with a big-time road win. A very loyal subscriber of mine named Mike Duffy asked me what’s the best division in football now? I can answer his question and say it’s the NFC North without hesitation. Look at the division right now at this point. The Packers and Lions are both undefeated, the Vikings and Bears are also in the mix. It’s been a fun division to keep up with. So, what’s been the Lions recipe to early success so far? They spread the wealth! They have four different receivers who have recorded a 100-yard game this year. Danny Amendola, T.J. Hockensen, Kenny Golladay and recently, Marvin Jones had 101 yards receiving and torched the Eagles secondary. Matt Stafford is also completing 62 percent of his passes. The Lions have potentially made a case for themselves as a force to be reckoned with in their division especially after beating LA and Philly, two teams that made the playoffs last season. If they really want to make a statement, what’s a better way than to try and defeat the league MVP?

Chiefs Player to Watch: Sammy Watkins– What a year he’s having. I know he’s had difficulties staying on the field because of injuries, but when he’s healthy, he can contribute. Outside of Travis Kelce, he’s become Mahomes favorite target. He’s moves well to get open, goes up for the football, catches everything thrown in his direction and with Tyreek out, he’s stepped his game up.

Lions Player to Watch: Trey Flowers– The former New England Patriot knows a thing or two about playing under Matt Patricia. When he’s on the field, he’s a force on that defensive line, He sheds blocks, he can knock passes down, he can stop the run and gets to the passer which will be key on Sunday.

Final Analysis: This is one that screams intrigue at you (pun intended). Defensively for the Lions, containing the quarterback will be everything. They got after Carson Wentz and sacked him three times. Now, it’s time to turn that up. I’d like to see the Lions try to pound the rock in the ground game by running the ball. Keeping Mahomes on the sidelines is the best thing you can do. The Chiefs need to continue to get LeSean McCoy the ball. He brings another added dimension to this offense.

Prediction: Chiefs 34 Lions 23