Last Friday

Whenever you turn on SportsCenter or you flip to the NFL Network, you’ve heard something about the controversial superstar wide receiver, Antonio Brown. It just seems as if something hasn’t been right with him since his trade from Pittsburgh. Let’s stroll down memory lane for a bit. In March, the rumors circulated about him being on the trade block. After continuous rifts with Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin, the Steelers traded the disgruntled receiver to the Oakland Raiders for a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick in next year’s draft. The Raiders would quickly sign Antonio to a three-year contract extension worth $50 million and $30 million guaranteed. In late July/early August, one of the most bizarre injury stories I’ve heard of, he suffered frostbite on the bottom of his feet from cryotherapy. Then, came the helmet drama (rolls eyes). He was going as far as potential retirement. Eventually, he decided to pick out the approved helmet, but missed many practices which resulted in fines. There was the altercation he got into with Raiders GM Mike Mayock, the issued apology. Then on September 7th, he asks the Raiders to release him on Instagram. His wish was granted. That same day, he signs with the New England Patriots. On September 10th, Antonio was accused of rape by his former trainer, Britney Taylor. More information was released today of intimidating text messages to a second accuser where he mentioned the accuser’s kids which is an absolute no. After all of this, the Patriots decided to release the pro-bowler.

From a football perspective, he is one of the ten best players in the NFL when his head is in the game and he’s locked in. He’s also been widely regarded as one of the two best at his position for the last six years. This is bigger than football because this man seriously has a problem. His mental capacity isn’t right because nobody in their right mind would act out how he did. From my point of view, this man did EVERYTHING you could possibly think of not to just kicked off a team, but even the league. I took it that far. In the beginning during his Pittsburgh days, he was quiet for the most part. I saw a guy who looked to perfect his craft each season and I even said to myself if he continues to play at this high level for years to come, he will be mentioned in the same breath with Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice, all Hall of Fame wide receivers. When he recorded the video of Mike Tomlin speaking to the team after a game and decided to post it on social media, that’s when I knew something wasn’t right with him. Even his antics in Oakland had others asking what’s really going on? He acted like a six-year-old girl who was told no because she didn’t get her way. I expect a teenage boy to go on social media to post a letter or something of that nature, not a 31-year-old grown man. I expect a child to record a conversation of a phone call, not a grown man. When a kid doesn’t get their way as I mentioned a few sentences ago, I expect them to act out. An adult should know better. The fact I saw people comparing these antics to Terrell Owens back in his day absolutely shocked me. Terrell wasn’t a saint, but at least he showed up to practice and worked on football and didn’t let things become bigger than what they needed to be. AB is a superstar in one of the biggest leagues in sports with a big fanbase. Kids look up to him. He’s set a horrible example and he’s completely embarrassed himself. It’s an absolute privilege to play in this league, not a requirement nor a necessity and there are plenty of young men wishing they could step a cleat onto an NFL field, and I feel he’s taken it for granted. I think he’s extremely selfish and conceited and there isn’t another way around my statement. The Raiders tried to stand by him on numerous occasions and looked what happened.

I wasn’t shocked one bit that the Patriots went after him because they’ve been known to take on “troubled players” and add them to the team. When you become a member of the Patriots, you must make sacrifices with them whether it’s putting your ego to the side for the team because they preach team first or finances meaning you won’t get the max contract. You sign, then you play. I felt he was too about himself for them. It wasn’t if the Patriots were going to release him, it was when and here we are today. He even said himself on Twitter today “damn, I got fired on Friday”. That you did. You can’t paint over someone’s true colors. When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe it. It truly takes two to make this work and he wasn’t holding his end of the bargain which results in him hurting himself. I seriously hope he gets the help he desperately needs. This is beyond football at this point.