Can’t Guard The Extension

Since Drew Brees decided to sign with the New Orleans Saints, they have had one of the best offenses in the NFL led by one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. Each year, it doesn’t seem to matter who’s on the field, they still score. I remember when Jimmy Graham played for the Saints, I finally said to myself that Drew has a number one guy he can depend on because he was always spreading the ball around to different receivers from Henderson to Colston. Now, there’s a new wide receiver who’s made a nice name for himself not just in New Orleans, but around the league and his name is Michael Thomas. There was a rumor that he was going to hold out because of contractual issues. That won’t need to happen now because he signed an extension with the Saints. A five-year, $100 million deal with $61 million guaranteed. He also becomes the first non-quarterback/offensive player to sign a $100 million contract.

He’s the NFL’s version of Kawhi Leonard. Just like the NBA all-star, he’s elite at his position but doesn’t say much because he lets his game do the talking. He was drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft three years ago. He came into camp with the mindset of being the number one receiver on the depth chart. He set the tone early and often. His first year in the league, he recorded 1,137 yards receiving. second year, 1,245 yards receiving and last season, 1,405 yards. You wondered would he be able to sustain consistency? He has and you see by the numbers that the yards have increased each year. He and Brees have an excellent chemistry together. Mike may not be the fastest receiver, but he’s a big target and Drew knows when to get him the football and he knows he can go up and get the ball in mid-air. In the redzone, Drew will throw the back-shoulder fade and number 13 will come down with the ball. He’s a very precise route runner. He knows how to free himself to get open. He can manipulate a cornerback with his routes where he can act as if he’s running one way and goes the other. He has great hands and seems to catch everything around him. His best game took place last year when the Saints played the Los Angeles Rams during the regular season. Coming into the game, a key matchup was Mike with Marcus Peters defending him. An elite receiver against an elite cornerback. It was a very long day at the office for Marcus. Mike had the best game of his career and finished with 211 yards receiving en route to a Saints win.

I’m beyond excited for him. He’s worked hard each season and has elevated his name to that elite conversation of wide receivers. He may not be flashy like an Odell or AB, he just comes to work, puts up numbers and let’s everything else be seen on display.