Carson Wentz was a highly sought out NFL draft prospect in 2016 as the draft approached. Everyone wanted to knock him because he went to North Dakota State, but I look at it as playing where you play. He did enough to get scouts talking about him. The Philadelphia Eagles would go on to draft Carson with the second overall pick in 2016 hoping he’d be the quarterback of the future for the franchise. Today, he signed a contract extension to keep him in South Philadelphia. A six-year deal worth $154 Million.

When he’s completely healthy and on the field, he’s considered as one of the best in the league. I’ve compared him to a younger Ben Roethlisberger because of the movement within the pocket he shows, the pocket awareness and his ability to extend the play to stay on his feet. I’ve seen him escape sacks where you think he’s down then you see number 11 up on his feet and he’s either making a throw down the field or he’s running it himself to get some extra yards. He can make all the throws from the short passes to the deep throws down the field. The one thing I heard all his teammates say about him is how much of a football junkie he is. He has great knowledge of the game; he knows the looks a defense will show whether it’s a cover zero or a zone scheme. He’s extremely competitive and wants to do everything perfectly. I love the elusiveness he plays with. One play that stands out to me took place on a Sunday night in Seattle. He was flushed out the pocket and ran to the right side and it looked as if he was stumbling, but he powered himself to throw a 50-yard bomb down the field. A defender may get a good hit on him, but he always has his head looking up to make sure his receiver caught the ball.

Many can say he has to prove himself which I can understand because he’s yet to play a full season since his rookie season. Let’s go back and look at his 2017 season which happened to be his second season in the league. When the Eagles were rolling and winning games, it was an all-around team effort, but Carson put the team in great position to win many of those games. Then came the unfortunate injury in Los Angeles against the Rams when he tore his ACL. If he doesn’t get injured, he wins MVP that season. If he can stay healthy, this is a good deal for both parties