NFL Draft- Wide Receivers

1. D.K. Metcalf (Ole Miss)– He was the talk of the combine last week. I see a superstar in the making when I watch D.K. Metcalf. Whoever drafts this kid is getting a guy who can start right away and have a major impact on that offense. When scouting, teams are looking for guys who have height, speed dimensions and solid weight. D.K. has everything I just listed. He has that arsenal of physical to work all three levels of the field. He’s your typical receiver that you can lob it up too and hope and pray he’s the one that can come down with it. I see him becoming a solid threat in the redzone for years to come at the professional level.

2. Marquise Brown (Oklahoma)– He’s the cousin of NFL superstar, Antonio Brown. He was one of the offensive playmakers in the country while playing in Norman. He maybe the quickest wide receiver in this draft class. He has the quickness to get away from corners and separates himself deep which requires safeties to always help. He plays with an all-day energy which is refreshing to see. He plays until the play is officially whistled dead and has the feet that don’t stop either. Marquise can line up outside and play inside. Either way, he’s going to stretch the field. He always wants to make a big play no matter where the ball is lined up. He catches everything thrown to him and is an electric force with the ball in his hands. He has dynamic footwork which helps him stay in bounds to maintain possession. I see so much of DeSean Jackson in this kid.

3. Parris Campbell (Ohio State)– He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Percy Harvin. He’s a well-rounded athlete with a combination of size, speed and fluidity as a bigger slot receiver. He’s the definition of explosiveness yet fluid. Whenever Dwayne Haskins needed to get the football to one of his playmakers, Parris was always open and available. Defenses know he’s a threat as they cushion off in coverage which allows him to make catches underneath. He has high-end potential with the ball in his hands. Parris is also a threat in the special teams’ aspect of the game.

4. N’keal Harry (Arizona State)– He’s a highly competitive guy in all he does and has been consistently productive over the last three seasons. He’s a physical wide receiver that uses his hands to release and free himself from press coverage. He’s a big, reliable target on slants along with zone work, he plays fearlessly and does the little things to make him more of a complete football player such as blocking. He’s a junkyard dog who’s willing to scrap and get his uniform dirty. He’s a 50/50 receiver that excels in jump ball situations.

5. A.J. Brown (Ole Miss)– He was a four-star recruit in high school that decided to sign with the rival Ole Miss Rebels instead of his hometown Mississippi State Bulldogs. This kid is built for the NFL with a lean build over a compact frame. He’s a hand fighter meaning he’s scrappy and able to release from coverage. He can stop, stick and open himself up for short possession throws. He runs his routes quickly but turns up the speed variances when reaching the next level. A.J. is so determined and competitive. He plays with the mindset of an outfielder on the baseball field with the way he’s able to use his hand-eye coordination to make catches. He’s a bully in the slot that uses power and foot quickness to release.