Cleveland, Give Me One More Chance

Kareem Hunt has been discussed more for all the wrong reasons than what’s he’s been able to do on the football field. In case you’re wondering what, I’m talking about, let’s bring it back to the end of November in 2018 when a report was released that the-then Kansas City Chiefs running back was involved in a domestic dispute. After the report came out, a video was released of him kicking a woman and the minute the video was released, I knew he was done in Kansas City. The Chiefs would eventually release him of course and he was also placed on the commissioner’s exempt list meaning he can’t practice or attend games. After he was released, the big question was would he ever play football again? I was shocked to see so many people say yes, he would. Today, he has agreed to sign with the Cleveland Browns for his second chance.

I felt Kareem Hunt was the second best running back in the NFL behind Todd Gurley in 2018. Even before his sophomore season, he had an outstanding rookie year and put his name on the map with a huge debut game in Foxboro against the New England Patriots. This is the same kid that never fumbled a single carry while in college, then he’s on the field for an NFL game and the first time he touches the ball, who remembers what he did? Fumbles it! After that, he erupted for 148 rushing yards in a shocking win over those Patriots to kick off the 2017 season. I admire his style of play because he can beat you with his speed or can play the battering ram game meaning he can lower the shoulder, initiate contact and stay on his feet to fight for the extra yards. He has no problem running you over or making you miss. He’s the size of a finesse back but plays with the mentality of a bruising back. He plays with an old-school edge to him. How many running backs today do you see using the stiff arm still? He won’t hesitate to use it. Kareem is more than just a runner. He can also catch the ball out the backfield on screens and check downs along with lining up in the slot as a receiver. Don’t be shocked when you look at his stats in a game and he has over 100 yards rushing along with 85 or 90 yards receiving. He’s that dynamic of a player. Who knows what would’ve happened if the Chiefs never released him?

I think he’s a nice fit for the Browns with Baker Mayfield, a young running back in Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry for a Cleveland offense under new head coach, Freddie Kitchens. Before he’s able to step back on the field, I think he’ll miss the first six or eight games of the season. I really hope he’s learned from this incident. A second chance doesn’t mean much if you haven’t learned from the previous encounter.