The Ultimate Teaser

AFC Wild Card

(6) Indianapolis Colts at (3) Houston Texans– Round three. It’s one thing when a playoff game features a rematch, but the game is more intriguing when it’s a divisional showdown. That’s what will kick off the playoffs this upcoming weekend. The Indianapolis Colts are entering the playoffs as the hottest team in the league clicking on all cylinders. They aren’t in this position without Andrew Luck. Last year, the Colts were gearing up for the NFL Draft around this time last year. Frank Reich kept the faith and everything else fell into place. Anything can happen when you believe. The Texans at one time this season were 0-3, then won nine games in a row. Here they are as the champions of the AFC South. This will be the first game on Saturday afternoon. NRG Stadium will be live for this one.

(5) Los Angeles Chargers at (4) Baltimore Ravens– We just saw this matchup in week 16 and I said then that this could be a possible playoff preview. Almost two weeks later, here we are. This was the game that really grabbed my attention when they last met. The Ravens went across the country to Los Angeles and really stuck it to the Chargers. The Chargers were coming off a huge win against the Chiefs the week before. Baltimore is a team that is built to make run because of the ability to run the football along with playing defense at the highest level. In their last seven games, the Ravens are 6-1. They decided to stick with the hand that’s hot and kept Lamar Jackson under center. With the Chargers, I want to be sold, but I can’t. They had a chance to win their division and they could have that top seed in the AFC, but that loss hurt them. This is the Ravens first home playoff game since 2012-13, the last time they won the Super Bowl. The Chargers are making their first playoff appearance since 2013-14.

First Round Byes: (1) Kansas City Chiefs, (2) New England Patriots

NFC Wild Card

(6) Philadelphia Eagles at (3) Chicago Bears– I remember after the Eagles lost their fourth game, I thought they were done. This team was so up and down throughout the year. Week 15, the news came out that Carson Wentz injured his back. Therefore, it’s so important to have a quality backup in this game. It’s Nick Foles to the rescue once again and here the defending champs are, back in the playoffs looking to make another run. The Chicago Bears are champions of the NFC North for the first time since 2010. They won 12 games under first-year head coach, Matt Nagy. The offense has played well this year, but everyone knows the defense was the backbone of this team. Alshon Jeffery will return to the city where he spent the first five seasons of his career.

(5) Seattle Seahawks at (4) Dallas Cowboys– This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Seahawks, right? They lose Michael Bennett to the Eagles, they decide to release Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor gets injured and Earl Thomas is done for the year after injuring his leg. This team got it together and never looked back. Here they are playing January football for the first time since 2016. Ah, the unpredictable NFC East. When the season started, the Cowboys lacked explosiveness offensively. Then in October, they acquired Amari Cooper from the Raiders and the rest is history. This is old school football here. Both teams can play defense and they run the football. This should be a fun one on Saturday night.

First Round Byes: (1) New Orleans Saints, (2) Los Angeles Rams