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Intriguing Game- Week 14

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

Ravens: I think the Joe Flacco era is Baltimore, Maryland is over. The Ravens offense is so predictable and there’s no creativity so it’s almost as if you expect them to run the same play. With Lamar, they can do so much with the football. They can use him on the RPO (run pass option), he can extend plays with his mobility, and when it comes to throwing the ball down the field, he’s still a work in progress but can connect with his receivers. I was thinking about each of the quarterbacks in his draft class this past April. That list consists of Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold. Each of those guys were all selected before Lamar and he was taken with the last pick in the draft. The one thing I can say is he has something that each guy I listed doesn’t and that’s a zero in the loss column. Ever since he became the starter, the Ravens have won each game and are in the driver’s seat for a wild card spot in the AFC playoff picture. I really don’t think they’d be in this position right now with Flacco and this is no disrespect to him after all, he did lead them to a Super Bowl back in 2013. Defense will always be the formula for their success. I always expect them to be one of the three best units in the league. Speaking of defense, they will have their hands full on Sunday with this high-flying offense of the Chiefs.

Chiefs: It’s a rocky time in Kansas City at the moment. The news of Kareem Hunt was very unfortunate, but these guys must realize that no matter the situation, you cannot put your hands on a woman. As I said last week, I commend them for releasing him because if he were still on the team, the focus from them being such a great team would shift to him. There’s never a need for that. Back to football and on the field, I was nervous for them last week in Oakland because they always seem to get tested whenever they play the Raiders, especially in California. What else is there to say about Patrick Mahomes? At this point, I expect him to always have those video game like numbers at the end of each game. The Kansas City Chiefs became the first team in the AFC to reach ten wins in week 13. They are closing in on winning their division for the third straight season and at this point, winning each remaining game is important, especially with New England right behind them and owning the head to head tiebreaker. They return home for their first game back at Arrowhead since week 11 and will welcome the Baltimore Ravens to town.

Ravens Player To Watch: Matthew Judon– He’s such an underrated defender. Whenever Terrell Suggs decides to call it a career, this will become his defense. Ray passed the keys to Sizzle and Sizzle will pass them down to Matthew. He moves around so well and comes from anywhere to get to the quarterback. He can stunt, he can come from up the middle and when he’s close to the quarterback, it’s a wrap.

Chiefs Player To Watch: Dee Ford– He’s stepped up and become their best defensive player. He’s a leader and the anchor not just of that front seven, but their entire unit. With Eric Berry out, the next man had to step up to be the voice for the defense. I look for him to be aggressive in trying to limit Jackson’s mobile efforts.

Final Analysis: Could this be the beginning of a new quarterback rivalry? This will be the first battle between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs offense has no fear against elite defenses. Look what they did against the Jaguars back in week five! Remember I kept saying that Lamar gives the Ravens a jolt of energy and the team would feed off his energy? Look at them now. I look for this game to be an entertaining one with two young future superstars under center. The Ravens need to get their running game going. Their defensive line also needs to get a push up front and pressure Mahomes. Can the Chiefs defense make a stop? They haven’t been the best on defense, but they’ve shown flashes.

Prediction: Chiefs 31 Ravens 21