Week 12 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. New Orleans Saints– So let’s rewind for a second and look back at everything that has occurred since their last loss: The NHL and NBA both started their new seasons, a World Series champion was crowned, college basketball started and there was also a midterm election. This football team has now won ten in a row since that first loss in September. One Thursday night game is down and they have another to begin week 13 against the Dallas Cowboys.

2. Los Angeles Rams– What a game that was on Monday night! They got the win, but there’s still a cause for concern about their defense because they did give up 51 points and six touchdown passes to Patrick Mahomes. Aaron Donald has continued to show why he’s one of the two best players in our league and still claims the title as the best defensive player in the league. Every win for them is important especially with the Saints also on their streak and owning the head to head tiebreaker against the Rams.

3. Kansas City Chiefs– Monday night was the perfect opportunity for the Chiefs to really move up in the AFC with New England right behind them. They need every game if they want that home-field advantage considering the Patriots own the head to head tiebreaker over the Chiefs. This team will be fine and in their two losses, I’ve learned more about them and the main thing is they don’t quit until there are three zeros on the clock. They were down by 15 at one point against the Patriots and fought back into the game and on Monday night against the Rams, they were down by 13 and found a way to get themselves back into it.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers– Talk about winning a close game, that’s exactly what transpired on Sunday in Jacksonville and you know the Steelers wanted that game, especially with the Steelers losing twice to them last season (once in the regular season and once in the postseason). This is the best five-game stretch I’ve seen from Ben Roethlisberger in quite some time and when he’s playing at his best, the team is feeding off his energy. The Steelers are hot right now.

5. New England Patriots– When they last played, that was the worst I’ve seen them look since week three of this season but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because no team is better at bouncing back than Belichick’s group. The good thing for New England today is they’ll be fully healthy. Gronkowski is expected to be back, you have Michel, Edelman, Gordon, and Hogan, this will be the healthiest they’ve looked on offense in quite some time.