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AFC Game Of The Week

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Titans: I can’t figure them out because here they are one week having the game of their lives and the following week, they get blown out and don’t even try and that’s exactly what’s happened with them in their last two games. Two weeks ago when they played the Patriots, they punched them in the mouth and held Brady and company to a total of ten points. Last week against the Colts, it was a different story and the Titans were embarrassed at the hands of their division rival. The Titans have the identity of an old-school team because they want to be able to run the football and beat you up in the trenches with their offensive line. In Mike Vrabel’s first season as head coach, they have been consistently inconsistent as I somewhat eluded too up top. For this team to be successful, they need Marcus Mariota to be at his best which he is still struggling to do to find himself in the league and I understand he’s still young, but something has to give because there was so much hype surrounding him when he came into the league in 2015. Their offense is struggling to score and they really don’t have an identity. Are they a running team or do they like to attack with their passing game? Right now, they’re 5-5 in a competitive AFC and they’ll run into a hot Texans team on Monday night.

Texans: Seven wins in a row right now is where their streak stands and what I’m enjoying about this winning streak is they’re having fun while playing. On Sunday in Landover, they really had to grind that game out to win against the Redskins to add another win to the list. It’s been great seeing Deshaun Watson playing how he did last year before he suffered the torn ACL and I told people to calm down earlier in the year because the first few games of the year, I considered those to be his preseason and now, he’s back! The Texans shocked me when they decided to acquire Demaryius Thomas and that move told me that they expect to get to the playoffs and you need weapons to advance. He gives Watson a solid second option and Thomas has played in some playoff games over the years so he brings that experience. The Texans have reclaimed their title as one of the best defensive teams in the league with a healthy J.J. Watt leading the attack. It’s been great to see him healthy and he’s just good for the league overall. They will look to extend their winning streak on Monday night to eight games with a divisional showdown against the Titans at home.

Titans Player To Watch: Jonnu Smith– He’s really emerged as a pass catcher for the Titans. After catching just five passes in the first seven games, Smith has now caught 11 in the past three, including six catches on Sunday at Indianapolis. He’s scored two touchdowns in the past three games. Smith now has 16 catches for 166 yards and two touchdowns.

Texans Player To Watch: Justin Reid– In a few seasons, I can see him being labeled as one of the best safeties in the NFL. He covers ground like a linebacker, he defends like a corner and wherever you need him to be, he’s there and he’ll make a play.

Final Analysis: How will this Monday night game live up to what we saw this past Monday night in Los Angeles? What a game! This is a big one in the AFC South and the Texans have reemerged back to the top of the division. What Titans team will we see on the big stage? Will Mariota even play? Houston can’t afford to take their foot off the gas. One play at a time like you’ve been doing throughout this streak.

Prediction: Texans 30 Titans 17