Week 11 Power Rankings (NFL)

1. New Orleans Saints– Eight. That is where the winning streak stands now. Last week was their best win of the season in my opinion because they played a complete and all-around game. The offense did its usual but what really caught my eye was how their defense got after it and when they’re able to force those turnovers, they’re impossible to beat. It’s another big game for them today at home against the defending Super Bowl champions.

2. Kansas City Chiefs– There’s still a lot of football left to be played, but so far I like what I’m seeing from them at this point and as the months have gone along, they’re doing what I’d hope would be done and that’s giving the football to Kareem Hunt more. The defense is also coming into form and at the right time. It’s crazy how one player can come in and make the difference, right? That’s exactly what Justin Houston does for this unit and I can only imagine how they’ll be when Eric Berry returns. They’ll look to be the first team in the league to win ten games with a win on Monday night.

3. Los Angeles Rams– Although they won on Sunday against Seattle, they lost an intricate piece to their offense in Cooper Kupp and it’s tough to replace a guy who moves the chains as fluidly as he does. They were able to escape with their struggling defense making some clutch plays when it mattered the most. As long as the Saints are winning, every game is important for them if they want to keep pace because the Saints hold the head to head tie-breaker after defeating them a few weeks ago. They have another big game tomorrow night against the team ranked ahead of them in my power rankings (look above).

4. Los Angeles Chargers– They’re rolling right now and their two losses came against the Chiefs and Rams but now they’ve won six in a row and they’ve done so without their best defensive player in Joey Bosa. Rivers has shown no signs of slowing down and the offense is clicking. I can’t wait for their showdown against the Steelers in a few weeks.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers– I told people they’d find themselves and now look at them. We can just forget about the rocky start, the Le’Veon Bell soap opera and every other dramatic event that kept them from seeing their potential. When the Steelers play how they did last week against Carolina, they’re a difficult team to challenge and bring down. James Conner has been something special, hasn’t he?