Not An X Man, But The Saints Got The X

Desmond Demond “Dez” Bryant. He’s definitely made a name for himself since coming into the league in 2010 as a draft prospect out of Oklahoma State. He’s made headlines on the field and sometimes off of it with his antics and I’ve been critical of many things he’s done, but on the field in between those numbers, I see a guy with a lot of passion and energy and a guy who loves the game of football. He turned himself into a superstar during his time in Dallas with the Cowboys and along with Tony Romo, the two established themselves as one of the best quarterback/receiver tandems in the NFL. After spending his entire career with America’s Team, the team decided to release him which absolutely shocked me and look at everything that’s transpired with his former team. He’s been out of football for a while and now, it’s over. He’s signed a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

When Dez is focused meaning he’s in attack mode and he’s the focal point of an offensive game plan, he’s as good as many of the elite wide receivers in the National Football League and at one time, I thought he was the best receiver in the game. Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 220 pounds, he’s a bigger receiver that can maneuver all over the field and I’ve seen him give many secondary’s fits over the years. He has a good first step off the line to help him release, he’s sure-handed and has a wide catch radius which makes him a very trustworthy weapon down the field and he moves very well with the football in his hands. A few years ago when I was asked about him, I referred to Dez Bryant as the “Marshawn Lynch of wide receivers” and what I meant by that was when he has the football in his hands, he’s extremely difficult to bring down in space and just like Marshawn, I’ve seen him drag defenders while he’s still running and that’s what has separated him from many other receivers in the league. He’s at his best in the red area of the field, 20 yards and in and he feels he can win every matchup no matter who’s defending him. After all, he once said in training camp that you can’t guard me, you can’t guard me and nobody can guard me and all you need to do is throw it up and he’ll come down with it, trust me.

I’ve said all summer that he needs to be paired up with a future Hall of Famer at quarterback. The Patriots would’ve been a nice fit for him because they’ve needed a true weapon down the field, but they have that in Josh Gordon and I thought he’d be perfect in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers especially after losing Jordy Nelson. This is the best weapon that Brees will have since Jimmy Graham and the thought of Thomas and Dez together is a scary one. Things just got real.