Charge It To The Game

Remember when the Los Angeles Chargers started 0-4 last season and then went on a winning streak that put them back into contention? Just imagine if they had got off to that hot start after struggling early on. It seems as if they’ve picked up where they left off from last season and in a very competitive AFC, they have a 6-2 record and are coming off a huge win against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. So, what’s been the reason behind their success?

Their offense is one of the few units that many don’t really pay attention too and they have playmakers all around. Philip Rivers has shown no signs of slowing down in his 15th season in the league, Keenan Allen has emerged into a star wide receiver and when he’s healthy, I think he’s as good as some of the top names in the league, Mike Williams is a nice second option that can stretch the field and they finally have a consistent running game with Melvin Gordon and a solid running game has been difficult to come across since the days of LaDainian Tomlinson. Their offense is averaging 27.5 a game which is ranked 11th in the league and they average close to 400 yards a game so being able to push the football down the field and score points. They also display balance by throwing the ball and averaging 270 yards a game and they also run the ball and average 128 yards a game on the ground.

As a defense, they aren’t the greatest but they play hard and leave it all on the field and they have talent all across the board starting with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa who make up the best tandem of pass rushers in the NFL, they have a nice run stopper up the middle in Brandon Mebane and they have a secondary that can limit you along with their first-round draft pick from Florida State in Derwin James who’s a versatile player and makes up for the team losing Eric Weddle a few seasons back. I know Bosa is out with an injury, but when he comes back and he’s healthy, watch for the impact he has when he’s on the field. Right now, I think the Chargers are a better all-around team than the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m not going by the records, I’m going by what I see on the field and the Chiefs defense is very hit or miss at times.