Welcome Back Brock

AFC Game Of The Week

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans

Dolphins: After the hot start, they’ve come back down to reality in a big way and look like the same old Miami Dolphins and it’s their defense that’s really holding them back from being talked about in the discussion when it comes to the AFC and of course, their issues began in Foxborough against the Patriots but even after that, the game in Cincinnati is what still sticks to me because they were in control of that game and they blew a 17-point lead and ended up losing the game by 10. I was impressed by their win against the Bears because they actually played with some effort and when Ryan Tannehill was sidelined because of an injury, Brock Osweiler came in and saved the day. His name rings a bell, right? This was supposed to be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning, but after that 2015 season he decided to take the money and signed with the Houston Texans and since then, he’s bounced around the league as a journeyman. Let’s look back at the game against the Lions and you talk about struggling, that’s exactly what they did. They were absolutely dominated on the ground and gave up 248 yards rushing and three scores. Although it may seem like it’s dim at the moment, they’re still in the hunt and I’m not saying they’ll win the division because that’s basically wrapped up at this point. It’s a short week for them and they’ll face the Houston Texans Tonight.

Texans: Don’t overlook them now, but after the 0-3 start they’ve won their last four games and they are now sitting atop the AFC South in first place. When they were losing their games early on, I stated it was because if Deshaun Watson getting his legs underneath him and the first four games of the year would be his “preseason” so he could get back into his regular season form and he’s there. The one thing that really concerned me was seeing him run and use his mobility because his season ended due to a torn ACL and trust me, I get that’s a big part of his game but they have to realize that he’s in their future plans for the next ten years or so and keeping him healthy is a major key for them. DeAndre Hopkins isn’t human and half of what I see him do on the field makes me pause then again I’m not surprised with what he’s doing because he’s such a productive receiver and he’s a playmaker that just quietly goes about his business. With everything the Texans are doing, the one thing that’s caught my eye has been seeing a healthy J.J. Watt get back to his dominating ways. We may never see him play like the guy who was on top of the game and won three defensive MVP’s. Houston will look to continue its winning ways tonight with the Dolphins coming to town.

Dolphins Player To Watch: Danny Amendola– With Albert Wilson down with an injury, this veteran receiver needs to step it up and provide a spark in this receiving core. He knows about playing under the lights and seems to be at his best when it’s a primetime showdown.

Texans Player To Watch: Lamar Miller– Kerryon Johnson tore up the Dolphins defense on Sunday and if I’m the Texans, I’m looking for ways to get Lamar Miller the football in many capacities.

Final Analysis: This will mark Brock Osweiler’s first game back in Houston since he was released by the team. Both of these teams are trying to find out where they each belong in the competitive AFC. I’m looking to see if the Dolphins defense can actually improve and get off the field. I know the numbers haven’t looked great for the Texans on the defensive side, but I was loving what I saw them do on Sunday in Jacksonville.

Prediction: Texans 26 Dolphins 17