Defensive MVP Candidates (18/19)

1. Aaron Donald– Last season wasn’t the only defensive MVP that he will win. I see him winning this award a few more times and he’s still young with a ton left in the tank. He’s the most disruptive defender in our league right now and he actually plays the position with the mentality of an offensive lineman because of how he works within the trenches and how he can get lower than who’s blocking him and drive them out of the point of attack. He has very violent hands and if you’re a defensive lineman and you need to study a guy, this is who I highly recommend that you watch. As I said last week, if he continues to play at this high level, he can go down as one of the all-time greats.

2. Von Miller– During his time in the NFL, he’s accomplished so much. He’s won the defensive rookie of the year, he has his Super Bowl ring, he was named the MVP of Super Bowl 50 and he’s become one of the league’s best all-around players and a feared pass rusher. He’s never added a defensive MVP to his resume and I see one in his future very soon. Without him, the Denver Broncos defense can’t function and he’s absolutely everything to their unit. When you need him to make a big play for you to seal the victory, he always shows up and delivers. He leaves everything on the football field and it shows every week.

3. Jalen Ramsey– This kid has the potential to be great for many years to come and the scary thing is, he hasn’t even hit the prime of his career yet. In a short period of time, he’s become the best cornerback in the league and when I watch him, I’m reminded of a young Richard Sherman because he’s a bigger corner and he runs his mouth yet he backs it up. He’s the engine behind this Jacksonville defense and he can defend anyone from the elite wide receivers, slot guys and I’ve seen him defend tight ends in one on one situations (he covered Gronkowski in the AFC title game). He’s a special football player and he’ll be a candidate to win this award for years and years.

4. Luke Kuechly– When he’s healthy and he’s on the field, he’s such a force and he’s the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers defense. When that huddle breaks, he spies out the play and then, he attacks. He plays sideline to sideline and has such a tremendous nose for the football along with the speed to get to the ball-carrier to make the tackle. He’s won this award before in 2013 becoming the youngest recipient to win it at 22 years old and what won it for him was when he recorded 26 tackles in a game against the Saints. He’s the best middle linebacker we have in the game today.

5. Bobby Wagner– Last season, I truly felt he was a candidate to win this award and he’s become such a vital part to that Seahawks defense. When he has it going and he’s in rhythm, he terrorizes defenses and his role has increased significantly and at one point in 2017, he became the most important player to this unit that was decimated by injuries. He had to become that consistent pass rusher because the front four took a step back and with Kam Chancellor sidelined for the entire second half of the season, his ability in pass coverage became more crucial than ever. I love how this guy plays the game.