Texas’ Finest

6. Von Miller– The first half of our annual project is in the books and we round it out with another guy who’s no stranger to anyone’s top players list. He was apart of a special draft class that included Cam Newton, J.J. Watt and A.J. Green and just like those three I mentioned, he’s become a star in our league. For the third time in the history of The Daily Blitz’s ten best players list, Von Miller makes the list and checks in as my sixth best player on my list and he’s my second-ranked defensive player entering the 2018 season. Since coming into the league, he’s developed himself into one of the best pass rushers in the league, that’s his specialty. He’s as good as his peers say he is and the game-film speaks for itself. When he’s coming off that edge, it’s a wrap for the offensive lineman that’s tasked with trying to keep him out of the backfield. He can wreck an offensive game-plan with his pass rush. Von is a rare breed and I’ve never seen a guy like him. He’s the size of a defensive end, he has the speed of a wide receiver and he bends himself like a defensive back. When he’s on the field, he knows where to be at all times and he has a plethora of ways to attack the offense. He can tackle ball-carriers in the open field, he can play sideline to sideline and he’ll force a fumble as well. What really sets him apart from other pass rushers is that lethal first step of his. He has the speed to start and just rushes himself into the backfield and he has can be in your backfield before your quarterback is set to drop back. He also has an impressive spin-move and he’s become one of the most disruptive defenders in the league. He’s also accomplished quite a bit in the league. He won the defensive rookie of the year in 2011, he’s a six-time pro bowler, a Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP. The Denver Broncos defense isn’t elite without him and you’re a special player when you’re the first name that comes up in game preparations and you’re a defender.