Barbequed Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs at one point this year were considered to be the best team in the AFC and they had so many people talking after their big win against the Patriots when the season started back in September. They won their first five games of the year and looked very impressive along with being the top team in many people’s power rankings. When they were winning games, it seemed to happen so long ago and since that 5-1 start, the Chiefs have a record of 1-4 in their last five games. I got the questions yesterday and today, I’ve decided to come here and break it down. So, what’s wrong with the Chiefs?

When you think about their offense and when they were winning games, they had built their offense around Kareem Hunt and he had a much bigger impact than people expected him too because he was able to run the ball, catch it out the backfield and even line up in the slot to create those mismatches with a safety or linebacker. It seems as if they’ve turned away from trying to get him back involved in the gameplan. They’ve also reverted back to the Chiefs offense of old by playing conservative football by dumping the ball off on five to ten yard passes when back at the beginning of the year, Alex Smith was being aggressive and taking those shots down the field and they were also spreading the ball around to other receivers besides Travis Kelce who’s Smith’s go-to guy. Their offense is completely out of sync and you have other playmakers such as Tyreek Hill who’s hands down the fastest guy in the league.

Their defense has been one of the best over the last three years, but this year, they’ve really struggled. I really think the loss of Eric Berry has really come back to hurt them. He ruptured his Achilles in the opener against the Patriots and he’s been their best player, leader, the heart and soul not just of the defense, but the entire team so his presence is definitely missed. They don’t play with any aggression or heart. They give up many big plays down the field and they’ve struggled to stop the run all season which has been very surprising and their efforts to rush the passer are down this year. They’ll still win the AFC West, but I don’t see them advancing come playoff time. If you want to win a championship, you need to play with heart and passion and they lack both of those.