A Mini Playoff Battle

Campus Clash

(8) TCU Horned Frogs at (5) Oklahoma Sooners

TCU: They bounced back in a nice way after a shocking loss to the Iowa State Cyclones in week nine in Ames. This is such a well-rounded football team as they can push the football down the field with their passing attack and their weapons on the perimeter and they can run it effectively as well with Darius Anderson and quarterback Kenny Hill has also put together a very nice season throwing 15 touchdown passes, five interceptions and he’s also completing 68 percent of his passes. As of late though, Kenny has looked rather inconsistent at times in these last few games. Look at this stat here, he hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in three of his last four games. I’m unsure if it’s defenses clamping down to keep him contained because he’s a mobile guy that has no issues with extending the play or even getting the extra yards for himself, but we know he’s a good player and let’s not forget that this is the same guy that threw a touchdown pass, ran for a touchdown and even caught one all in the same game against the West Virginia Mountaineers a few weeks back in October. The Horned Frogs can also play defense. Defensively, they are giving up 14 points a game along with 284 yards per contest. It’s safe to say their defense will be tested against an offense that’s coming off a big win where they scored 62 points.

Oklahoma: What a win that was for them on Saturday in Stillwater against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. As the game went on, I often referred to it as a boxing match with the Sooners throwing the first jabs early and often. After that loss to the Iowa State Cyclones, they’ve regrouped and got back on track nicely and they’re in a good position not only to get to the conference title game but make the playoffs as well. As of now, Baker Mayfield is my front-runner once again to win the Heisman Trophy. I know this award at one point was Saquon Barkley’s to lose, but with his team losing two games in a row and how he’s struggled, Baker definitely has the edge right now. He proved on Saturday why he’s the best quarterback in all of the game of college football and he tore apart a pretty good Oklahoma State defense. I remember saying on Twitter that when I watch him play, I see a mix of Andrew Luck and Drew Brees in him. He’s stocky like Andrew and plays with the same toughness and intensity and he’s able to make some big-time throws down the field just like Brees does. I understand that their defense hasn’t been all that great, but they were able to make plays in the second half when it mattered the most. They’ll return home for a Saturday night tilt with TCU.

TCU Player To Watch: Darius Anderson– The running game has been the Horned Frogs friend this year and with the way the Sooners are able to fling the football up and down the field, they will need Darius to get his touches and wear down a struggling Sooners defense along with keeping them on the field. If I’m TCU, I’m taking some plays from the Oklahoma State playbook and finding a way to use my running back in more than one capacity.

Oklahoma Player To Watch: Parnell Motley– If you thought the Cowboys last week had some good receivers and were able to make plays even without James Washington, the Horned Frogs have some nice perimeter weapons of their own as well. Motley will be covering John Diars throughout the night. Hold your ground young man.

Final Analysis: This is another big game in the Big 12 with the winner propelling themselves into a great position to make the playoffs and in the driver’s seat for the Big 12 title game so the title I chose for this is fairly accurate, it really is a mini-playoff game. Oklahoma did such a good job of protecting Mayfield and with that, he was able to connect with each of his weapons. On the TCU side of things, which Kenny Hill will we see on Saturday night?

Prediction: Oklahoma 45 TCU 28